Monday, March 6, 2017

Taking a break...

My dear friends, I will be taking a short break from blogging to tend to some health/life issues.  During this break, I will continue to discover and connect with sustainable brands, brainstorm new ways to live sustainably and intentionally and I will continue to post periodically on Instagram.  I would love if you would stick around and wait this time out for me.  

When we start up again, things will be better than ever! 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just keep swimming...

Emerson & Oliver Dia Bracelets, Ija Designs asymmetrical spiral ring, casual outfit, chic outfit, work outfit

Do you know what's weird about life?  We spend so much time planning for it, but at least in my experience, it almost never goes as planned.  

For most of my life, I've been one of those people who likes to have every last detail planned out and then when life intervenes and nothing shakes out according to plan, I freak out.  I got a little wild with moving to Germany and that actually worked for me and now I've suddenly realized that the one time in my life when I really let go of my desire to plan, life kind of fell together in a way that totally worked.  It was difficult and it wasn't perfect, but it worked and I got to see a huge slice of the world.  

Granted, I knew that it wasn't going to be a place that I'd settle down and stay forever and it all kind of unraveled when my car broke down and I needed to get surgery on another continent, but all good things must come to an end, right?  

Anyway, when I got back to the states, I switched back into plan mode.  I was living at home, working an old job in a former school district and I wanted to get out.  Enter Las Vegas.  I tried to plan out this huge transition from living in the Midwest to living in the West, from living with parents to living on my own, from being an aide to being a teacher, from working part-time to working full-time: the whole adult package.  

... and it's not going well.  

Yes, I have a roof over my head.  I'm not worried about where my next meal is going to come from.  I live very conservatively (thanks to the eco-warrior/super cheap side of me), but if I get cold I can turn the heat on/up and not have to worry about not getting the bill paid.  And yet, it's still not working.  I've been sick for months.  I have no energy.  My bad knee and back feel like they're on fire a lot of the time.

I can't tell if it's because it's my geographic location, my job, the tough time I've had meeting actual people to spend time with (aside from SB) or what, but things just aren't jelling.  

Have any of you ever experience this feeling?  You have everything you could possibly need and more, but the feelings of safety and happiness are eluding you?  

It looks like I may be back at the drawing board and searching for a new adventure.  Or heck, I could pull another "Germany" and quit my job, sell most of my stuff and hit the road without a plan... Until then, just keep swimming... 

Monday, February 27, 2017

The psychic lucky penny connection...

Arrow and Plume fluorite talisman necklace, Arrow and Plume quartz bracelet, AMI Clubwear quilted high tops, casual outfit, weekend outfit

I love snail mail, but what I love even more is when that snail mail has come from another country.   I was super excited a few weeks ago to log onto Instagram and discover that I'd won a giveaway (yes, not only do I post giveaways, I occasionally enter them, as well) posted by Arrow and Plume! I was even more excited when Kristine, the mastermind behind the shop, said she'd send me a few extra goodies to share with all of ya'll.  

But then it got even better.  I was SO excited when the goodies arrived because they came to me all the way from Australia!  I think it's probably because I haven't been traveling as much as I did when I lived in Germany, so I'm currently finding that receiving mail from far away places is kind of the bee's knees.  

Also, an interesting note about this bracelet: it is made from quartz, which is thought to instill feelings of calm and to increase psychic abilities.  While I love to think that crystals have healing powers, I'll admit that there is a part of me that can't totally buy into the whole concept, but for real.. the morning I put this bracelet on, I was walking through the parking lot to my car and had the thought, "Wow, I haven't found any lucky pennies or loose change on the ground lately."  

No big deal, right? 

SB and I hopped into the car and headed to Starbucks for a pre-errands caffeine jolt, but the line was super long.  Since there is a Starbucks in the grocery store on the other side of the parking lot, we decided to take a little walk.  

... and that's when it happened... 

There must have been at lease 35 pennies on the ground.  

I totally freaked.  I started picking up pennies that were heads up and then I had a weird moment of panic where I wondered if someone was filming the area to see if people would walk past the pennies, get greedy and pick them all up, etc.  and I really hoped that no one was filming because, let's be honest... that clip would totally find it's way back to me and then I'd be mortified.  

SB kicked a few coppers my way and I pocketed a handful of them, leaving the others behind for other people to exclaim over/supplement their income with.  

What do you think?  Did I do the right thing?  Did my quartz bracelet awaken my psychic abilities?  I found another lucky penny in another parking lot on our second to last errand... coincidence? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the t-shirt was thrifted
: the necklace is handmade
: the bracelet is handmade
: the ring is handmade

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nothing, AZ...

Choies tribal poncho sweater, Layers of Earth crescent moon ring, Emblem Eyewear sunglasses, casual outfit, travel outfit, Nothing AZ

One of the things I love about going on adventures is stumbling upon things that are silly and new.  On my recent, totally random, adventure to Arizona, I did just about no planning.  Quite literally, my mum texted me a hotel address, said "Get your butt out of bed," and an hour later, I'd thrown a few things into a suitcase, made some coffee and had hopped into the car.  

I didn't study the route map closely.  I glanced at it to ensure that my end point was actually in the city in which I'd expected it to be and I noticed some town names that I thought could make for fun photoshoot spots if I could find signs (Bagdad, for example), but that was really it.  I happened to notice that "Nothing" was a town name on the map and on my way to Arizona, in the rain, I happened to whiz past a sign that said "Nothing," but I thought nothing else of it. 

... until I was on my way back to Vegas.  

I'd been in the car for several hours, again, with a big coffee and was really getting antsy to find a place to pull over and stretch my legs.  And that's when I found it: Nothing, AZ.  Once again, I didn't do much research, but if there is any truth to these photos, Nothing, AZ has a population of 4, an "All-Mart" that does not allow trespassing, and a small field of solar panels.  

I'm ok with it.  

It's all in the spirit of adventure! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are handmade 
: the ring was handmade
: the top was thrifted

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Outside of my comfort zone...

Ten Thousand Villages War & Peace earrings, travel outfit, sustainable outfit, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, conscious consumer

People who know me relatively well know that I have some pretty epic anxiety when it comes to driving.  I will go out of my way to not do things that involve driving on highways.  I will beg people to carpool when I have to go to work trainings downtown.  I have often considered taking a taxi or an uber if errands require me to go more than 30 minutes away.  

But I got a little crazy this last weekend and stepped out of my comfort zone.  

SB and I were supposed to head to California to visit my dad for the long weekend, but he decided to skip out on the getaway and then, not sure if ya'll heard, but there was some pretty gnarly weather out west that I was really not looking forward to driving through alone.  After much deliberation, I decided to just stay in Vegas, even though every last little bit of me was screaming for a getaway.  

And that's when my mum texted.  She happened to be in Arizona for the weekend and wanted me to drive out.  Of course, this lead to my usual panic: I can't drive that far.  It's raining.  I don't like driving in the rain.  I'll be all alone.  I'll get lost.  I'll have to drive through the mountains.  I'll have to drive through the desert.  I'll be in the middle of nowhere.  What if my car breaks down?  What if I can't get cell reception?  What if something terrible happens? 

But guess what?  I did it.  And nothing terrible happened. 

I was able to move at my own pace.  I could stop when I wanted to stop.  I could have an impromptu photo shoot (in the rain) if I so chose.  

And so I did choose! 

Yeah, getting outside of my comfort zone! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are handmade and fair trade
: the scarf is handmade and fair trade
: the sweater is second-hand
: the shirt was thrifted

Sunday, February 19, 2017

#SustainableSunday... re-purposed from head to toe...

Ichcha Grenada scarf, Lazuli Handcrafted dipped beryl necklace, Jessica Ricci Jewelry Buddha amulet ring, Paisley & Sparrow Soresa earrings, tie dye tank, harem pants, re-purposed clothing, sustainable outfit, ethical fashion, eco-fashion

Ladies and gents, it is #SustainableSunday again and this week, I am SO proud to share this outfit.  

"Why?" you ask.  

Because, I kid you not, I made these pants out of an old fitted sheet. Yes, friends, from sophomore-senior year of college, I slept on these organic bamboo trousers... errr... bedsheets.  The elastic got all stretched out, so I cut it off and stockpiled the remaining fabric for years and in an effort to clean out my stash (thanks, minimalism), I decided that I'd rather have a new pair of comfy pants than a heap of fabric.  
And that's not the only re-purposed part of this outfit.  The tank top was my mum's and used to be white.  I spilled something on the front of it and the stain drove me nuts, so I had some fun with a bit of fabric dye and voila!  This shirt was given a new lease on life!  

Do you ever re-purpose items in your wardrobe?  What's been your favourite DIY outfit project? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the tank top is second-hand and was dyed to extend it's life
: the trousers were made from an old bedsheets
: the scarf is handmade and fair trade
: the earrings are handmade and fair trade
: the necklace is handmade
: the ring is handmade


Friday, February 17, 2017

#FreebieFriday MudLOVE inspirational band giveaway...

MudLOVE, giveaway, freebie friday, contest, sweepstakes

Huzzah!  It's #FreebieFriday again!  This has been quite a week.  I mean, they are all "quite a week..." it's never easy when you teach special education, but really, this week was interesting because I'd added my new "be still" band to my daily arm stack and it's been a nice reminder to stop all of the millions of things that I'm doing at any given moment.

I find that having these little bits of inspiration laying around make the tough times a bit easier, and because I feel very strongly that everyone should have a bit of inspiration in their lives, I am giving away a band from MudLOVE!  

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and is super easy to enter.  Here's how you can gain your entries: 

: like the giveaway image

Get extra entries for: 
: tagging friends (an entry per friend)
: re-gram the giveaway image

This contest will end at midnight PST on 3-March-2017.  Winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via direct message on Instagram.  Winner will have 48 hours to reply to accept prize and with valid mailing address or prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen.